Mayday C4 events: a series of exciting concerts and conferences about climate change. 
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Climate Change Conference - July 03 : Deforestation and Carbon Offsets

In the time leading up to COP26, the Mayday C4 conferences provide a platform to discuss solutions & obstacles to climate change with the world's leading experts. This conference covers: Deforestation and Carbon Offsets.

Speakers include: Dr Robin Russell-Jones, organiser of the Mayday C4 events. Felicity Oram Expert on Orangutangs and deforestation. Charlotte Opal from the Earthworm Foundation Expert on the dangers of deforestation. Simon Lord Expert on how to make palm oil production. Professor John Crawford University of Edinburgh on soil sequestration . Dr Ulrich Loening Former Director of the Centre for Human Ecology at the University of Edinburgh.

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July 03 : Climate Change Conference - Deforestation and Carbon Offsets


Help Rescue the Planet is an educational charity (running the Mayday C4 events) that was founded 9 years ago by medical doctor and long-time public health and environmental activist Dr Robin Russell-Jones. It is dedicated to reducing air pollution and mitigating climate change. It has achieved notable successes over fracking, which has now been banned in the UK, and air quality with new diesel and petrol-driven vehicles being banned from sale in the UK from 2030.


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